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Good question. The answer depends on how quickly you want to see a result, and how big you want that result to be.

Start with the objective

As mentioned in our previous post, Should I Be Blogging, when asking questions about blogging you need to refer back to your objective. What is your objective?

If you’re blogging periodically to release company news, then how often you blog or post news articles will be down to how often you have anything news worthy to release. It’s better to post periodically with important pieces of info than to spam and waste people’s time with stuff they won’t really be interested in.

If your objective is to increase local awareness and generate leads, then you will need to be blogging at least twice a week, releasing high quality pieces of content that are ideally 500 words in length, or more.


That’s the objective covered. It doesn’t stop there however, that’s your business objective. You’ll now need to set some simple marketing goals to stick to and aim for. If your objective is to generate leads, how do you get there? As you would with a sales target, you need to work backwards and drill down into the detail now.

Let’s say your goal is to generate 1 new lead a month from your website. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the average B2B conversion rate for my industry? If you are unsure, do some research, here are a few articles to get you started. B2B Conversion Rates By Channel, What Is A Good Conversion Rate. A conversion is generally a form submission, phone call or a sale on your site.
  • Look at your own website conversion rate. If you have Google Analytics setup and properly configured with your forms and website, you’ll have a good idea. We wrote an article on setting up Google Analytics for WordPress here. If you are unsure on your website conversion rate, pick a figure you think is realistic and aim for that (you’ll need to monitor your analytics to see what your actual conversion rate turns out to be).
  • If you have a 1% conversion rate, you’ll need 100 visitors who fit your target customer profile before you generate a lead. As it’s harder to always narrow down on your target customer profile, and visitors are often at different stages of the buyer journey, you may need to generate 200 or even 300 visitors to generate your first lead. If you’re getting the right traffic but still seeing no conversions, it may be time to look at your website, user journey or the content on your site. It could also perhaps suggest that your content doesn’t appeal to your buyer persona’s!

Creating content that resonates with your buyers is tricky and can take time, don’t be disheartened if you don’t see any results for the first few weeks or even months. Make sure you keep watching your analytics, tweaking and improving bit by bit.


Don’t forget about distributing the content. You can’t just publish it and expect the world to find out. An important part of blogging and generating traffic is distributing your content to the right places, for example:

  • A Mailchimp list you’ve built up of customers and subscribers
  • Company social media profiles
  • LinkedIn profiles and status
  • Local chamber of commerce

Using the Google URL builder, you’ll be able to narrow down which of these content mediums your traffic is coming from.

James Thomas

James is the owner of Square Internet and helps build, grow and scale WordPress based businesses for a living.

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