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Martyn Richards Research

Pay As You Go Support Success Story

Who Are They?

Martyn Richards Research is a specialist qualitative research company run by none other than, Martyn Richards. Martyn is a recognized expert in the areas of qualitative research, arts, food, workshops, brainstorming, children and young people.

Where We Came In

Martyn’s website was using old versions of two plugins and running on an old Theme version, as a result the site was temporarily infected with malware.

How We Helped

Identify the problem and alerting Martyn

Removing the malware

Updating the theme files, securing the website, creating a clean backup

Martyn Richards

"James has an excellent business model, which really suits small businesses like mine. He spotted something wrong on my website, and had it fixed within hours. Can't ask for more!"

Martyn Richards

Martyn Richards Logo

Is your website secure?

Is your website secure, or has it been hacked without your knowledge? Drop us an email to schedule a consultation, or just to ask for a quick security check and we will help you out.

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